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Where else could you find beautiful beaches, lush native bush and unspoiled sea views just five minutes from downtown shopping and dining?

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North Shore City boasts a lifestyle and environment that set it apart as a destination for homemakers, pleasure-seekers and business people.

The natural advantages of a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and spectacular scenery contribute to the popularity of one of the most vibrant and fastest growing regions in New Zealand. A stable and educated workforce, meanwhile, make it a prime location for commercial and industrial development.

With more than 185,000 residents living within an area of approximately 12,500 hectares, it is the country's fourth largest city.

Surrounded by sea, the city has an unbroken 160 km urban coastline - the longest in the country. Residents can enjoy an endless range of aquatic activities - or venture inland, where there are more than 400 parks and walkways through native bush reserves. This is a city where growth and development is carefully managed and protection of natural beauty and a clean enivonment is a prime consideration.


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